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What do you do before you shop?  We don’t know about you, but we usually window shop first. We will look online or browse a couple of stores to see which one has the best deal and has the product we want at the lowest price. And you know what? Sports bettors do the same thing.

Smart sports bettors check the odds or lines offered by a handful of different sportsbooks – sometimes even more if their bankroll can handle it – before they choose where to place their bet.

Apart from the above, you can join a sportsbook that consistently offers the best prices. You should join two or three of them. How do you find these sportsbooks? You can do the research yourself.  A much faster and simpler option is to piggyback off of our hard work. However, below is our part of the research as a guide; done for you of course. 

For example, say you compare lines from two different sportsbooks. One is offering -105, while the other is offering -110 on the same match. It makes far more sense to take the line at -105 than -110. You might roll your eyes at this. But nothing worth worrying about. The bottom line – the larger your bets and the more bets you make, the more money you’ll save. And besides, it’s easy money when you consider that all you need is an account with the sportsbook(s) that offer the best prices.

Keep in mind that there may be (hidden) fees. You should try to figure out what those are for. Reviews will share these details, provided they’re available from the sportsbook.

Traditional sportsbooks may run on thinner margins (fewer fees), but their profits have to come from somewhere. And that may come at the expense of offering promotions or having easier-to-beat odds.

There is give and take, or pros and cons, with either kind of sportsbook. You have to decide if finding the sportsbook with the best odds/lines is the best thing for you, or if there’s something better or something that you’d rather do.

We do earnestly hope that the information above would give you something else to think about, and above all, help you to make a little bit more money in betting on sports than you probably have had.

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