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In case you opt to research in Africa, you will find lots of opportunities to explore unique cultures, landscapes, sights and general experiences in this enormous and varied continent.

A total of 11 African colleges have been showcased from the QS World University RankingsĀ® 2021, together with nearly all 7(seven) of those found in South Africa.

Continue reading for a summary of the very best universities in Africa this season, including advice on every university’s place and other particulars. The initial four universities are ranked in the 801-1000 array * and so are consequently combined eighth in Africa.

QS World University Rankings 2021 – Leading Colleges in Africa

The South African University of Kwazulu-Natal is a young college, formed just as recently as 2004 with a merger of prior associations. Nowadays it’s five campuses across the KwaZulu-Natal state at the south-west of the nation.

Rhodes University, situated in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, was founded in 1904. The college is extremely residential and comparatively small, with approximately 8,100 students currently registered.

In Addition to including in the World University Rankings, Alexandria University can also be rated 16th at the QS Arab Region University Rankings 2020. It was initially founded in 1938 as a branch campus of Cairo University, but became a separate association in 1942, gaining its present name in 1952.

The final of the very best universities in Africa to be rated 801-1000 is the Egyptian Ain Shams University, which is rated 14th at the QS Arab Region University Rankings 2019. According to Cairo and launched in 1950, Ain Shams is a really large establishment, hosting approximately 180,000 students in 15 faculties.

Ranked 561-570 on earth this year in 2021 (down from 551-560 final year) is South Africa’s University of Pretoria. It is among the biggest universities in the nation, with over 52,000 pupils in the campuses. Established in 1908, the college also features in the top 50 of the most recent QS BRICS University Rankings, in 45th place.

Egypt’s Cairo University is ranked in the 561-570 assortment of the general world rankings, falling from 521-570 final year. But it makes an impressive 11th location from the Arab regional position. Regardless of the title, its principal campus is really in Giza, 20km southwest across the Nile from Cairo.

Stellenbosch University is placed combined 456th on the planet this season, down 29 areas. The college ranks over the top 55 of the latest BRICS standing, in 51st place. Founded in 1918, the college is found in the city of Stellenbosch, 50 km east of Cape Town.

Growing unusually from the 501-510 to joint 439th this calendar year, the University of Johannesburg is the youngest university in South Africa to incorporate from the QS World University Rankings, having been formed by a merger of earlier associations as recently as 2005.

Going back to Egypt to another in our appearance at the top universities in Africa, the 2021 world standing sees the American University at Cairo fall 16 areas to currently rate joint 411th on the planet. Ranked ninth in the latest edition of this Arab area university positions, the college educates in English and owns Egypt’s biggest English-language library collection.

Ranked joint 403rd this year, the University of the Witwatersrand (frequently called Wits for short) is just another South African establishment, together with five campuses in suburban and urban Johannesburg, the country’s biggest city. The college has approximately 39,950 pupils and, as stated by the university site, 97%(percent) of its students find employment within six months of finishing their research.

Leading the way to its best universities in Africa is South Africa’s oldest university, the University of Cape Town, rated joint 220th at the QS World University RankingsĀ® 2021. The campus sits on the slopes of Table Mountain’s Devil’s Peak, offering excellent views. Additionally, it plays well in the academic standing index, standing from the 173rd global.

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